The benefits of Juicing for health

How often do you drink juice? Juice just like vegetables, it is very important for a healthy body.


Scared of getting old!

If I tell you that every moment I think of getting as old as my grandma I shudder, will you believe me? Yes, that is me! The thought of I one time having my smooth cheeks wrinkled makes my heart pound faster than before. Even with all my beauty, gorillas and chimpanzees to attract tourists … Continue reading Scared of getting old!

Why I’m a freelancer and still writing

If I say I started writing because of money, then I will be lying to you in broad daylight. My writing started right the moment I made my first cry if I must say. Even on that first day on earth if I had a chance to write how it was like to come out and just cry, then I would have written my experience. Never mind how long I have written or that I will spend the rest of my life writing my thoughts. I have never come across a portfolio that can tell people what I do.